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Personal Info

     Heya! I'm Brandon, Midnight Wolf, or wreckedcarzz (depending on platform). Quick overview:

          - 31 years old

          - living in Arizona, USA, Earth, Milky Way

          - physically disabled from a hemorrhagic stroke; resulting in some memory loss, cognitive struggles (especially with speech, easily frustrated, please bear with me), and partial blindness

          - am a huge tech geek and privacy advocate; also very much into security

          - am a big video gamer

          - am a furry (duh) since 2004

          - am satanic (specifically, I'm a member of The Satanic Temple)

          - am gay (with a pinch of homoflexibility, specifically toward androgynous individuals)

          - am demisexual (usually, in person, secondary traits/attraction occur first)

          - am collared to a sweet and lovely Master, and am not actively looking for a partner; but I am open to the prospect of one

          - am open to playing with others who I trust; just ask, I don't bite (unless asked~)


     I'm a hybrid between a wolf, tiger, and fox - characteristics that I have taken after significant time and experiences with other furs, and I wanted to remember and highlight their impact on me - with retractable angel wings as well as having the tiger stripes shift their saturation and lightness based on my mood. I've been in the furry fandom since 2004. Fellow furs can find me on barq and FA.


     I also admin/own Talons of War, a small PC + Xbox clan, with a proud history and skilled members. We aren't often active as a group, but we do play shooters, racing, real-time strategy, general action games, and more.

Contact Info

     You can find me all around the 'net - I'm the one and only wreckedcarzz. For certain furry communities I go by Midnight Wolf, so try that if you're having trouble finding me; just check the profile pic to make sure it's me first. Also if I don't list it here, it is likely not me. I'm active on...


          - mastodon

          - matrix

          - signal

          - telegram



          - barq

          - discord (wreckedcarzz - no numbers now)
          - email

          - steam

          - xbox



          - f-list (18+)

          - fetlife (18+)

          - furaffinity

          - gog

          - itch.io

          - origin / ea

          - reddit

          - second life (18+)

          - twitter (18+)

          - ubisoft connect / uplay


     If you're trying to get ahold of me on other platforms, it could be significantly longer until I check and respond, if at all. Also I don't have accounts at places like FB, Tiktok, Snapchat, Kik, etc...


     If you send me a contact request, please let me know where you found me - I filter those requests pretty carefully, and not knowing why someone is trying to contact me makes me skeptical about adding them. Thanks!