Wreckedcarzz - my digital home and hub


    Personal Info

         Hi there! I'm Brandon, Midnight Wolf, or wreckedcarzz (depending on the platform). I'm a twenty-something dude, living in Arizona (USA), a stroke survivor, a tech geek, a PC gamer, and obviously furry. I'm a hybrid between a wolf, tiger, and fox, with retractable angel wings as well as having the tiger stripes shift their saturation and lightness based on my mood. I've been in the furry fandom since 2005.


         For whatever reason you've found my website (I've had this domain for over a decade now!). As I don't have much content worth sharing, I've reworked the site so it's a digital business card, more-or-less. I used to offer tech support, but as time passes I've grown tired of it, so currently it's for friends and family only - my apologies.


         I also admin/own Talons of War, a small PC gaming clan with history and skilled members behind it.


         Now, my contact methods:


          Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Steam, Origin, Uplay, Xbox LiveDiscord (#7071), Telegram, and many more - I'm the one and only 'wreckedcarzz'. If you send me a contact request, please let me know where you found me - as I filter those requests pretty carefully, and not knowing why someone is trying to contact me makes me skeptical about adding them. Thanks!


         In a few select places, I don't go by the above names; they are so few and far between, it's rare for people to find me on those platforms. Get in contact with me on a mainstream platform first (above). Most of my other names are abandoned, or very rarely checked/used anyway.