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Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Steam, Origin, uPlay, GoG, Discord, and many more - I'm the one and only 'wreckedcarzz'


In a few select places, I don't go by that name; they are so few and far between, it's rare for people to find me. Get in contact with me on a mainstreem method first. Most of by other names are abandoned, though.

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Geeks. Nerds. Techies. We get excited for all the things that most people simply overlook. Build, maintain, care for, upgrade, repair. An endless cycle, craving more.


We are two guys, in AZ and UT, and this is what we do. Let us show you what we are capable of.

From things like 'slow computer' all the way up to 'water cooled obscene gaming monster', and of course anything in between, it's all possible here! Get in touch with me to discus what I can do for you!

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