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Personal Info

     Hi there! I'm Brandon, Midnight Wolf, or wreckedcarzz (depending on the platform). I'm a twenty-something dude, living in Arizona (USA), a stroke survivor, a tech geek, and obviously furry. I'm a hybrid between a wolf, tiger, and fox, and I've been in the fandom for 12 years.


     For whatever reason you've found my website (I've had this domain for a decade now!). As I don't have much content worth sharing, I've reworked the site so its a digital business card, more-or-less. I used to offer tech support, but as time passes I've tired of it, so currently it's for friends and family only.


     Now, my contact methods:


      Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Steam, Origin, Uplay, Xbox LiveDiscord (#7071), Telegram, Signal, and many more - I'm the one and only 'wreckedcarzz'. If you send me a contact request, please let me know where you found me - as I filter those requests pretty stringilenty, and not knowing why someone is trying to contact me makes me skeptical about adding them. Thanks!


     In a few select places, I don't go by that name; they are so few and far between, it's rare for people to find me on those platforms. Get in contact with me on a mainstream method first (above). Most of my other names are abandoned, or very rarely checked/used.