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Name and Shame: The Shit List

     Ever have an awful experience with a company? Ever try to reach out to their customer service just to get bullshit corporate-speak that has the only goal of getting you to go away? Ever had to threaten active protest that would cause direct financial loss in order to get a half-assed apology and compensation? Me too, isn't that so weird how that happens?


     This page is dedicated to absolutely awful companies' attempts to make customers give up, blame the customer, offer beyond-inadequite resolutions to issues and situations, etc; companies on this list have successfully attained blacklisting of recieving any additional funds from me, and they should recieve the same from you. Have a gold star, corporations: you played yourself.


Hilton (2023): both HGI @ BWI and the Twitter representatives + upper management put money *way* before the safety and experiences of a disabled customer, and provided a pittance of redemption - but they are so happy that I'm a loyal diamond-level customer. Talk is cheap and Hilton loves to use it, but not much else. Hello, Marriott!

Details: https://goo.gl/maps/G4MpAd2heMcUqa9h8

Resolution: I was given 10k Hilton points - a value of roughly $40 at the location this all occurred at - which is unacceptably low (I was looking for a 1-night refund) given what happened. I plan on downgrading or outright canceling my Hilton credit card with American Express, as after I use my accumulated points I will cease to be a customer due to the lack of empathy and compassion, at all levels at this property as well as HQ; not just for a loyal customer, but a disabled one. 

Further information and attempts at a civil resolution:

uBreakiFix / Asurion (2021): failing to repair a phone is just the first step in a spiraling shit-show that would see multiple trips to the location, blatant promises and lies, and myself being required to buy a new phone because of incompetence. 

Details: https://goo.gl/maps/e4K2DCKk9F7fgZWs7 

Resolution: after threatening to picket the location in question and cause financial losses because of it, uBiF oh so fucking graciously refunded my failed repair bill in full; but I still had to buy a new phone because they broke it far more completely than it was when I brought it in initially, so fuck em.

iRobot (2016-2019): "do you not understand how doors work?" is the first transgression of a nearly 4 year-long abusive relationship that cemented the company as not only exceptionally greedy, but also that seemingly and with 100% reoccurance rate, hires and retains the literally worst excuse for "customer service representatives" that I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with, bar none. 

Details: https://twitter.com/wreckedcarzz/status/1288000269532372992

Resolution: I swore off ever giving them another red cent until the CEO got on their knees, begged me to return and fellated my asshole; and went to their main competitor, Neato Robotics.